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  • TeraCopy-Copy your files faster and easier

    TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user with a lot of features:

    • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
    • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
    • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
    • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
    • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
    • Full Unicode support.
    • Windows 7 x64 support.

    -Download TeraCopy – Free for Home Users

  • The Newest Way For Hacking Latest Firmware(Get Symbian S60v3/v5 Certification & Key in 5 minutes) I will explain this tutorial in simple way. I also will explain this tutorial with screen shot by installing the English version. Although the English version is unsigned which cannot be installed with out the phone hacking. If you want to install English version you have to install unsigned application using Drakkarious or using HellooX method I have used the chines version of signed application which will install on your device with out any error. Just follow the screen shot, it will guide you to achieve the goal.

    The certificate and key generated by this method will expire in next 3 years and have 17 capabilities like opda's certification.

    Step1: Download and install the signed version of the Symbian application on your Nokia device.
    Download Link: XStevedore.zip

    Step2: Open the application and select the Settings option ans shown in the screen shot.

    Step3: Under the setting option you will able to check the three option 1) Access Point 2) download path 3) Quit Tips

    Step4: Change the access point to your mobile operator access point where you can get conneced with Internet

    Step5: Change the download Path to the SD Memory card.

    Step6: Once you done the step 4 & step 5 now come to the previous menu as shown in screen shot 1

    Step7: Now select the Signature option and get in to the Signature option.

    Step8: Now check the option bottom at the left button under which you can find "certificate tool"

    Step9: under the certificate tool you will able to see two option. Now select the "A bottom to download"

    Step10: After you selecting the "A button to download" the downloading will start automatically by using the default access point that you set in step 4 and it will ask where to save the file, now select the memory stick to save.

    Step 11: With the help of X-plore browse the certificate. In this tutorial I have saved the certificate under MyCert Folder

    The following mobile phones will support this certification method
    N96, N95, N93i, N92, N91, N86, N85, N82, N81, N80, N79, N7 8, N 77, N76, N75, N73, N71, E90, E75, E72, E71, E63, E70, E66, E65, E62, E61 i, E61, E60, E55, E50, 6650T, 6220c, 6210n, 6122c, 612 0c, 61 10N, 6290, 5730XM, 5700, 5630XM, 5500, 5320XM, 3260, 32 50, 5800/ 5802/ 5230/ N97/ N97mini/ X6
    G810e, G818e, I400, I408, I450, I458, I520, I528, I550, I5 5 0w, I558, I558w, I560, I568, I8510, L870, L878, I8910
    PS:If your device fail to download the certificate then I advise you to try this method after an hour

  • Hacking Newest Firmware updated phone

    Nokia E72 includes HP's latest Symbian S60 V3 from nokia, must hack in order to install an application that is still "unsign", required special measures to menghacknya.
    Here are tips

    To hack using helloOX2.03 there are three steps:
    A. Certificate Request
    B. Sign HelloOX
    C. Install & Hack

    A. Certificate Request

    First please req-certificate first, and I encourage req in http://cer.opda.cn/en/
    -Please register first and then log in
    -Once logged in click Apply certificate
    -Fill in the form of existing:
    Model: exm: E72
    IMEI: There are in cardboard hp or type *#2006# or *#06#
    Confirm IMEI: Contents same as the IMEI
    Remark: Fill as you wish
    -After that, click Submit Application
    -Please logout
    -After - + 24 hours logged into the website again and then click My opda Certificate
    -If certi already so it will operate at the bottom there is a link to download cer
    and key
    -Yes download dunk .. : Hammer:
    -The whole donlot signtools who already provided (SignSIS to sign via a PC, FreeSigner to sign via hp)

    B. Sign HelloOx

    -First download HelloOX2.v2.03.Unsigned who used to unsigned or you can donlot it at http://helloox2.com/ .Sign helloox TSB with signtools which you've donlot before.
    Sign helloox using key & cer which you got from opda

    C. Install & Hack

    -Install helloOX that already signed to hp
    If certificate-show means that there are two kinds of error
    1. When signing (Please repeat step B)
    2. At the time of the charging column in opda IMEI (please apply again and wait longer opda MPE)
    -If successful then the application will appear helloOX
    -Run helloOX
    -After the completion and successful then the application will appear ROMPatcher
    -As there are two patches rompatcher, open4all to open access to private folders and Installserver to install the application unsign

    PS:tested on E72 and working perfectly

  • Increase Speed Video Streaming on Youtube

    Everyone love to watch youtube. Youtube is one of the famous video portal besides DailyMotion and MetaCafe to sharing a video. At Youtube you can upload and download a video or you can watch directly from youtube.

    A main problem here is everyone complain that the speed of video streaming is too slow. They are boring to waiting for video to load and sometime the load can interrupt and you must reload page again. This problem occur maybe due to connection strength is low or if you use broadband the coverage bad at your place.

    To increase video speed streaming you can use this software, BiWifi. BiWifi will accelerate the loading speed of video on Youtube in 50%. So with this software you can watch video on Youtube smoothly and I can guarantee you video speed streaming will be really fast and maybe you can’t cacth it.Ha3

    But there a little bit problem when you install ByWifi to your computer. It will decrease your computer performance. But there nothing to worry. You just need to regularly clear private data, disk cleanup or better you install CCleaner. CCleaner s a software functioning same as disk cleanup and better.

    You can try this software. If you think this software slower your pc just remove it. But I tell you again do not worry cause this software is not harmful to your pc. You can download this software from the link below.

    Click here to download

  • Good News For All S60V3 espcially N73 user
    The good new for Nseries user like N73 because today it also can play Ngage game. Before this Nseries of nokia that can play Ngage game is only N80 and above. Although N73 also Nseries but it not prepaid with Ngage application. When you go to Ngage website you will find no installer Ngage application for N73.

    And after that you start to feel so regret because you so rush buying N73 at the first launch of Nseries from Nokia. You will feel so stupid and keep thinking why you not wait till nokia develop a new series of Nseries that maybe will have more features like N95-8GB(ha3 im using N95-8GB right now) and can play Ngage game including classic Ngage games.

    Dont worry and never regret. N73 is first series on Nokia Nseries. I can say to you N73 is very special among the Nseries. Im also use N73 before this. What special about N73 is it rarely facing problem like shutdown by itself. So if already sold your N73 just get it back ok.

    With this application you can play Ngage game on your N73 Nokia. Im already test it on N73 and it work well without error. The main problem is is you cant play similar with another Nseries like N95-8GB because it not a slide model. So you has to play vertically. Diffrent with N95-8GB it was made to play Ngage so it can be played horizontally same as other slide model of Nseries.

    Im also tested this application on Nokia 6120c and it also work well witout error on this phone and Im believe all platform of S60V3 that not have Ngage on his phone like N73 can play start to play Ngage with this application. Im also believe that Nokia 3110c also can play Ngage with this application. How about yo try it was and leave a comment for me.

    Size: 6.61MB
    Click here to download Ngage for all S60V3 and 6120c

    Notes: for Nseries, to install this application you must hack your phone first. To know how to hack your phone you can see here

    Firefox is in my opinion the best browser ever made until now. It includes:
    -improved tabbed browsing
    -pop up blocking
    -integrated Goggle search
    -enhanced privacy controls
    -built-in phishing protection
    -online spell checking
    -lots of themes, interfaces, and extensions/addons

    Mozilla Firefox officially supports:
    -Microsoft Windows
    -Mac OS X

    Unofficial Support:
    -Free BSD
    -XP Professional x64 Edition

    Now here are some Tips&Tricks that can help you double the speed of Firefox.

    1. Type about:config in the address bar and then press Enter.

    2. In the filter search bar type network.http.pipelining. Be sure the value field is set true,if not double-click to set true. HTTP is the application-layer protocol that most web pages are transferred with. In HTTP 1.1, multiple requests can be sent before any responses are received. This is known as pipelining. Pipelining reduces page loading times, but not all servers support it.

    3. Go back to the filter search bar and type network.http.pipelining.maxrequests. Double-click this option and set its value to 8.

    4. In the filter search bar and type network.http.proxy.pipelining. Once opened doubleclick on it and set it to true.

    5. In IPv6-capable DNS servers, an IPv4 address may be returned when an IPv6 address is requested. It is possible for Mozilla to recover from this misinformation, but a significant delay is introduced.
    Type network.dns.disableIPv6 in the filter search bar and set this option to true by double clicking on it.

    This preference controls if the application will interrupt parsing a page to respond to UI events. It does not exist by default. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window, select New and then Boolean from the pop-up menu. Then:
    A. Enter content.interrupt.parsing in the New boolean value pop-up window and click OK
    B. When prompted to choose the value for the new boolean, select true and click OK.

    7. Rather than wait until a page has completely downloaded to display it to the user, Mozilla applications will regularly render what has been received to that point. This option controls the maximum amount of time the application will be unresponsive while rendering pages. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window, select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
    A. Enter content.max.tokenizing.time in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK
    B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 2250000 and click OK.

    This option sets the minimum amount of time to wait between reflows. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window, select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
    A. Type content.notify.interval in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
    B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 750000 and click OK.

    A. This option sets if to reflow pages at an interval any higher than that specified by content.notify.interval. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Boolean from the pop-up menu.
    B. Type content.notify.ontimer in the New boolean value pop-up window and click OK.
    C. You will be prompted to choose the value for the new boolean. Select true and click OK.

    10. Notify Backoffcount
    This option controls the maximum number of times the content will do timer-based reflows. After this number has been reached, the page will only reflow once it is finished downloading. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
    A. Enter content.notify.backoffcount in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
    B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 5 and click OK.

    You can interact with a loading page when content.interrupt.parsing is set to true. When a page is loading, the application has two modes: a high frequency interrupt mode and a low frequency interrupt mode. The first one interrupts the parser more frequently to allow for greater UI responsiveness during page load.
    The low frequency interrupt mode interrupts the parser less frequently to allow for quicker page load. The application enters high frequency interrupt mode when you move the mouse or type on the keyboard and switch back to low frequency mode when you had no activity for a certain amount of time. This preference controls that amount of time. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
    A. Enter content.switch.threshold in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
    B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 750000 and click OK.

    Mozilla applications render web pages incrementally, they display what’s been received
    of a page before the entire page has been downloaded. Since the start of a web page
    normally doesn’t have much useful information to display, Mozilla applications will wait
    a short interval before first rendering a page. This preference controls that interval. Rightclick (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
    A. Enter nglayout.initialpaint.delay in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
    B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 0 and click OK.

    Close Browse and relaunch your firefox

    Sometimes when you use Internet Explorer to download files it can be interrupted by server. If you downloading big files and you already download 90% of it and suddenly it interrupted you will fell so stress right. You maybe heard about download manager right?

    So maybe some of you already use utorrent or maybe bittorrent but this one is different. Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite mp3 files, software, picture collections, video, etc. Unlike other similar utilities, this software is 100% free, no banners, no spyware.

    So after this dont worry anymore if you download progress was interrupted with this software it can resume back your download progress.



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